Full-Length Plays


Latinx Comedy- 3F

Production at the Denver Center for Performing Arts in 2024

Texas Black and Latino Play Celebration 2023

Colorado New Play Summit 2022

A Road Trip Comedy. Three Sisters, One car, four hundred miles, four wheels, and one corpse.

La Prima’s Guide to Funerals

Latinx Comedy- 2F1M

Headwaters New Play Festival at Creede Repertory Theatre 2023

A Comedy in One Funeral. 

The bonds of cousins can be amongst the strongest familial bonds. Arcie survives the funeral day of her mother with the help of her primos. 


Latinx Comedy 3F1M

Reading at Blackout Theatre 2023

3F 1M

A comedy in four weddings.

Four weddings. Four Cousins. Four Decades. Sometimes a cousin can only show their familial love by kidnapping the bride before the wedding…four times. 

H-E- Double Crooked Letter

Latinx Comedy 2F1M

3 Cousins accidentally open a gate to hell in their grandma’s house.

Santa Beva

Latinx Comedy 2F1M

Beva starts performing miracles all over Albuquerque. She’s not a saint, right?


5 f 3M

Ignitions Festival

Muleshoe High School Performs a one-act version

When Death rolls her cart through the town of Mora Aurora, Adelino, and Solito are left with a choice.  Who will live and who will die?

Perla de Luna



Perla de Luna puts her life on hold for her father. In her dreams she meets a child that could be hers if she only let it happen.

Las Arañas

Ground Floor at Berkeley Rep

Blackout Theatre Radio Show

3F 1M

Las Arañas are legends that every village frighten their children with.  Women or spiders that take you at night.  In the middle o



After eighteen years, three friends are forced to deal with the consequences of a Marian Epiphany.

One-Act Plays

El Malo Malo

Theatre 3 Radio Show

2 F


Chandler-Gilbert production of Ambrosita


Volver Volver Volver

Chandler-Gilbert Production of VVV

Teatro Paraguas Production

KUNM Radio Show

Telatulsa, 2023


La Lluvia

Barelas Project

Santa Fe Playhouse 2023

The goddess of rain returns to Barelas to claim her great-granddaughter. 





Short Plays

Sorghum One Minute Play


One of Us, One Minute Play


Red Light,


Yours and Mine


Ishtar’s Pride, Ten-Minute Play, Part of Immortal by Forge Theatre


After, Five-Minute Play,


For Young Audiences

The Adventures of Dogboy and Boydog

3f 2m


El Campo Santo– Writer/actor/editor

Pret 101– Writer/Actor/Editor

En-Cryptid– Writer/Editor

Malady– Writer/Editor/Actor

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